Who am I?


I'm Nitya. A 25 y/o South-Indian, strict lacto-vegetarian (i.e. I have dairy, but I do not consume eggs or any type of meat) with a terrible chocolate addiction and affinity for coconuts and peanuts. I have a strange ability to imitate any and every accent I hear, and I have ridiculously powerful hearing, inherited from my father.

I'm married and I have two absolutely adorable cats. I sing all the time. No, no, I don't think you heard me correctly.... I said, ALL THE TIME. I sing while I'm driving, when I'm walking on the street, when I'm playing with my cats, when I'm showering, when I'm cooking - it is instilled in me. I thank my parents for pushing me to go to music lessons since childhood, because music is the biggest thing that defines me. SP Balasubramaniam, who is one of my all-time favourite singers, once said that when people ask him or his co-singers what language they speak, or what their mother tongue is, they always say... music. It's the language of the Gods, the closest they get to Lord. I very much feel this way.

But this blog isn't just about music; it's about my love for food, music and photography.

What is "Samayal Isai"?

Well, Samayal means cooking or cusine in Tamizh, and Isai means music. Combining two of my few greatest passions in life, here I am. 

What is different about your blog, from other food blogs out there?

My blog doesn't just focus on food and photography, but it also talks about my love for good music, from Carnatic to Bollywood to Michael Jackson.

My blog also doesn't focus on the recipes that are very common on the web. You're not going to find recipes for a basic rasam or rajma chawal here, because that's done to death everywhere on the web. I want to try and put up recipes or methods that are hard to find on the web, and give the world a chance to try something new. Let me know if you'd like to see something new, and I'll be more than thrilled to try it and post it!

What equipment do you use?

As you'll figure from my posts, I'm rather ill-equipped, and I don't own a DSLR, much to my dismay. I'm waiting till I can afford the one I want, which is about $4,000 AUD. Then I'll be able to go so nuts with taking photos, that it too, will become one of my "addictions". One day.

For the time being, I simply use my phone camera from my Samsung Galaxy S2. What other photographers say is very true - having a DSLR doesn't make you a photographer, but the lack of one should also not discourage you! You can take good photographs with any basic camera; you just need to know how to play around with it and get your effects. My phone camera allows me to adjust exposure, focus on certain objects and other tid bits. This keeps me going till I can afford a DLSR :)

I am now the proud owner of a Canon 6D, as of May 2013. This beauty full-frame camera is the best thing I've ever purchased! It's able to cover so much more surface area than ASP-C cameras and it was totally worth the purchase. 

What's my inspiration?

Simple really - my mother. She is such a fantastic cook that it has inspired me to make and create good dishes. She gives others so much happiness with her cooking, that I want to give that happiness to others too, especially my family.

It makes me really happy when someone tastes my cooking and loves it. The amount of satisfaction I get from seeing a happy expression on my husband's face when he devours a dish I make is incomparable to anything else. For that reason and more, I want to share my love for delicious and mostly healthy (sometimes sinful) cooking with you through my journey of married life. 
What types of cusines will I find in your blog, you may ask? I love trying all cusines, from Malai Kofta, to Gyoza dumplings, to Blackforest Gateau, to Baba Gannoush, to Creme Brulee (yes, it can be made Eggless).

Thank you for taking the time to stop by this blog. I hope it was as good for you, as it is for me :)